Project Management

Caplee Consulting can assist your organization with any Prophet21 project. With our business management focus, we can manage your project with an emphasis on maximizing your profits and minimizing impacts to your organization. Some of our projects include:


Upgrades and Implementation

Caplee Consulting knows that every business runs differently. We can help you map, and modify if needed, your existing business processes for efficient use with your Prophet21 system while minimizing impact to your existing processes.


Best Practices Audit

Many distributors face the same challenges of miss-picked orders, inventory discrepancies, and excessive backorders, Caplee Consulting can audit your use of your technology systems along with your actual activity to determine the source of many of your daily challenges. We can report and assist you in driving these costly mistakes and misinformation from your day to day operation to further increase your net profit.


Inventory Cycle Counts

Caplee Consulting can establish a cycle count procedure for your organization by identifying your inventory SKU by class, calculating the proper number of counts per year by class, and establishing reconciliation procedures.


Price Book Optimization

Many distributors can significantly affect their net profit positively or negatively with inefficient price book management. Caplee Consulting can help you properly set up price libraries and pages to maximize gross profit. For example:
  • Cost basis - if you're basing your sell pricing on a supplier's cost and you negotiate lower costs from your supplier, you'll likely end up making less gross profit dollars than before your supplier's price concession.
  • Customer classification - customers that pay slowly erode the original profit made on the order. We can help you identify these customers and set their price library accordingly.

Security and Dynachange setup

Caplee Consulting can help you identify security best practices to lock down access to your Prophet21 system.
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