Desktop Reporting
Using Crystal Reports, Microsoft Excel, or Microsoft Access, Caplee Consulting can develop and deploy a wide variety of reports useful in your organization. Caplee Consulting has developed numerous reports, including financials such as balance sheet, income statement, and a statement of cash flow without having to use the built in OLE option within Prophet21. Our solutions allow you to simply select your parameters such as time period, company and location, customer or vendor name, sales rep or order taker, or any other filter needed to run any report with simple drop down lists. Our report solutions can be exported as PDF, excel, or other file types for archiving or distribution as needed.


Some of our custom report examples - your data can be dissected and analyzed any way imaginable
  • Inventory Value By ABC Class - Identify the highest value, lowest ranked items for quick conversion back in to cash
  • Profit Margin Analysis by Product - Summarized and detailed analysis of profit margins by product groups and products
  • Sales and Profit Comparison of Two Time Periods - Compare sales activity between any two time periods, specified by date, whether you want to compare a month to another month, a month to year to date, quarter to quarter, year to year, or any other time period desired.
  • Weekly Flash Status Report - A quick, high level view of your organization's activity - when deployed with Microsoft Report Server this report is automatically emailed to the end user every week.
Server Reporting
Benefits of a Report Server implementation
  • A single, central repository for all of your organization's reports
  • Secure access by multiple users only to designated reports - security is integrated with Active Directory allowing for single sign on
  • Users can subscribe to reports to receive them automatically on a schedule via email, saved to a file share, or archived in the report server
Caplee Consulting can implement Microsoft SQL Reporting Services (SSRS)(report server software you already own) to allow secure access to any or all users of any reports needed by your organization. Microsoft SQL Reporting Services (SSRS) is a highly customizable, web based Report Server that allows for recurring subscriptions to reports (so a report could be run and emailed to a user or users every morning, or week, or any customizable schedule).


Microsoft SQL Reporting Services allows for parameterized reports so one report structure could be used by several users each defining their own parameters to display or schedule information relevant to them. For example, one custom sales report could be set so that each sales rep could see their own sales activity, and a sales manager could see the activity of all representatives. Inventory reports could be viewed by operations and financial teams but financial statements could be restricted to finance and executive users only. And as mentioned, Microsoft SQL Reporting Services is included with your SQL Server licenses, there is no additional software to buy to fully implement a solution.
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